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High-Technology Polyjacking Injection System

High Density Polyurethane Injection powered by ALCHEMY-Spetec

Polyjacking plays an essential role in concrete lifting, soil stabilization, and Void Filling applications. Polyurethane concrete lifting, aka Polyjacking, helps achieve the same results of traditional Mudjacking and Void Filling, but with improved characteristics.

Traditional mudjacking, or slabjacking, is a remedy that's been used for decades to raise sunken slabs. Now there's a newer, less labor-intensive alternative available that replaces the cement-based grout mixture typically used for slabjacking with a two-part polyurethane that reacts and expands with enough force to fill voids and raise concrete.

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Improved efficiency

Mudjacking typically involves shoveling the grout material into a mixer, adding water and pumping agents to achieve a good consistency, and then dumping that slurry into a mudjacking pump hopper. The pump is then mobilized to the area to be raised. When the hopper is empty, the pump must be hauled back to the mixing area to be refilled with another load. With polyurethane injection, many of these steps are eliminated.

Compared to moving tons of material with heavy equipment and shovels, the polyurethane material is much less labor-intensive to transport and work with. The process of polyurethane concrete raising starts with pulling out a hose and injection gun, attaching the gun to an injection port, and pulling the trigger. When the equipment is shut down, the materials can stay in the hose, and there is no wasted material that has been premixed. The only jobsite cleanup is to patch the injection holes.

The two liquid components that mix to create the polyurethane foam are kept separate in drums or totes until they are mixed at the tip of the injection gun. When the two liquids combine and react, the foam expands 20 to 25 times its volume within 15 seconds. Fifteen minutes after the material sets, it reaches full compressive strength.

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Big Benefits